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Nicole Kidman rushed to Keith Urban’s side after his staff died


Nicole Kidman, allegedly, left Hong Kong on a whim after learning that her husband, Keith Urban is in mourning. According to New Idea, Urban is heartbroken over the death of his staff, Randy “Baja” Fletcher. His longtime tour manager passed away after taking a nasty fall off the stage while setting up for Urban’s tour. He was 72.

Following his untimely demise, Kidman released a statement expressing his love and gratitude for his tour manager. “Baja Fletcher loved people. Now, that’s a phrase that’s a lot easier and more often said than done. But this man truly did love people, and music, and life,” Urban said.

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Following Fletcher’s death, a source claimed that Urban became a tad bit emotional and his wife is worried about him. As such, Kidman decided to flee Hong Kong while filming her new movie so that she could be with her husband.

“Keith is a very emotional person and she’d hate to think of him struggling with loss alone,” the source said. To make things worse, Urban is also worried about potentially getting a lawsuit following the incident.

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“Investigating a shocking death like this is standard procedure and lawsuits are common practice. Keith’s lawyers will likely be expecting some legal correspondence to come in. But Keith isn’t even thinking about legal ramifications right now, he’s just grieving his friend. He’s devastated,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman also made headlines recently amid claims that she suddenly fled the set of her new movie because she got into an argument with the director. The actress also faced backlash after she received a quarantine exemption so that she could film in Hong Kong as soon as she arrived.

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However, a rep for the actress denied the claims and said that Kidman left the country on schedule. And if this is the case, the tabloid’s recent allegations aren’t true either. Nicole Kidman didn’t suddenly depart the set of her movie in Hong Kong so she could be with her husband during this very difficult time.

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Rebecca Beeman

She left on a "whim?" When someone important to one's spouse dies, going to be with him/her at a time of loss is not a whim. It's called being married. His "staff died?" Staff is plural. Saying Urban's staff died made it sound like they all died from food poisoning, or maybe covid. It was a member of his staff, a staff member.


So sad!My deepest condolences to the family at this difficult time. I hope the words at Revelation 21:4 bring you comfort. It says:”God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.💕


This article is horribly written. The headline implies that his entire staff died where in truth it’s one member of his crew. Obviously no copy editing here.


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