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Stephen Hawking’s children reveal ‘brutal’ moment he left his wife on Christmas Day


Cover picture for the articleThe children of Prof Stephen Hawking have described the “brutal” moment he left his family on Christmas Day for a new life with his carer. In a new documentary, Hawking: Can You Hear Me?, the physicist’s three children and their mother, Jane, speak candidly about family life. Hawking announced on...

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Daniel Lafontel

I gave my ex wife a chance on Christmas day. but she was on drugs and cheating on me. she destroyed her life by making the wrong choice .I had to raise 2 teen age girls and a 9 year old boy on my own. She did and sold dope with her new man and i raised the kids working hard hours to survive sleep make dinner then go back to a night shift job.Now she looks like a witch with 2 teeth and shot out on tweek.The kids are doing great.

Patricia Sarazin

my sister had ALS. she never married and had a great career. at 46 it struck and the world stopped spinning for me. she was best friend. I took care of her for 16 months while she wasted away. Hardest thing I ever went through. nobody can pass judgement until they have been through it. I do feel sorry for his children. my sis decided not to having feeding tube or be put on a ventilar. I respected that decision.

Jay Suarky

Brilliant physicists or not, what a douchebag! Christmas day? Really?!🤦 But then again, he was a declared atheist so why would that matter?


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