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Ingraham: America 'won't be fooled again' as Bush 'speaks for Biden' in political remarks

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleIn her "Ingraham Angle" on Monday, host Laura Ingraham noted that President Joe Biden failed to offer public remarks on Saturday, 20 years after Al Qaeda terrorists attacked America on September 11, 2001. She also noted how pundits and public observers had varied predictions as to why Biden was silent...

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We have domestic terrorist in our White House and our capital Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are domestic terrorist. They are the real threat to America. They took an oath to protect America and protect and obey the constitution they are doing none of that...

Billy Wells

I have been reading alot of things we all focus on alot of things. I get it, but the immanent threat is here, home I have read about China and Russia, possible going each other, I have read ships that belong to China one supposedly by Alaska another on its way to Hawaii. Along with that articles talking about simulation drops at night to simulate traing for taking over airfields, not to mention all this simulation wearing night vision. Now my way of thinking China has already made threats of another 9/11, kinda of a repeat. Not just that Russia joining beside China none the less whom ever else felt betrayed by the U.S. I see another war coming but it will come to our front doors and no one will see it coming. like I read from another they will hit with a dangerous blow. I will say this I will be ready but I will not fight for our government, I will fight for our military, our people and for most my family. Like the constitution says we the people that's who and what I will fight for. B


I have To Agree I Do Not Separate Domestic Terrorist BLM, ANTIFA and the Rioters on the 6th are all a Threat to our Law Enforcement Officers and Military equally


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