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Nicki Minaj, Husband Gone Hiding After Failing to Bribe Rape Victim with This Whopping Amount? [Report]

Cover picture for the articleAfter Kenneth Petty failed to register himself as a sex offender, the convicted rapist will possibly receive an order to attend a court hearing against his victim soon. Sources reported that Kenneth faced a civil lawsuit filed against him just in June for sexual assault. Petty's wife and the mother of their child, Nicki Minaj, had done everything to save their reputation and marriage by attempting to settle his case out of court.

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20d ago

Just goes to show COCONUT MINAJ should be more concerned about her own life, instead of throwing shade at Sha'Carri Richardson! Heard of any sexual predators running track and field lately?

David Peterson-El
22d ago

lmao.. she wanted to sing for the offspring. gtfoh!!!!! Everyone in the world is not fans of these dead people,

Tonie Jackson
16d ago

this happened in 1994 really why speaking on it now this is a money thing only she wants noney


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