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Meet the Doctors Refusing to Treat Unvaccinated Patients in Person

Scrubs Magazine

Cover picture for the articleMeeting in person with unvaccinated individuals is a risk some providers are no longer willing to take. As the delta variant continues to thwart the country’s attempts to bring the pandemic to an end, some providers will no longer treat unvaccinated individuals in person. They say it can put their health at risk when the country needs all hands on deck.

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They take an oath when they receive their diplomas to enter the medical field and if you can’t uphold the oath you don’t deserve to practice medicine , PERIOD…..!!!!!!

Michael Desrosiers

Every single one of them should lose their licenses to practice and the people who are being refused treatment should be taking legal action.

Ddraig the Red

you took the vaccine...the consequences of you doing so is putting my life and liberty in jeopardy.  Do to the vaccine and the break through cases that are occurring at a alarming rate, the virus mutations increase at a much faster rate. YOUR CHOICE TO TAKE A EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE THAT HAS NEVER PASSED SAFETY STUDIES HAS PUT EVERYONE WHO HASN'T AT GREATER RISK. EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE VACCINE IN THEIR PARANOID STATE, SHOULD BE HELD LIABLE FOR DAMAGES TO THOSE THAT ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THE SAFETY PROTOCOLS OF SCIENCE. 


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