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53% of Georgia voters are unhappy with Joe Biden’s performance

The Georgia Sun
The Georgia Sun
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President Joe Biden’s approval rating in Georgia – nationally regarded as one of several key swing states in the 2022 midterm election and the presidential race in 2024 – is declining, according to a new survey. A Civiqs survey released last week show 53% of Georgia voters disapprove of the...

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Joan Weatherford Sammond

more than 53 % lol we swing voter moderates say two thumbs down, as well here in the peach state! if you go outside Stacy Abram's circle, you'll find overall it probably closer to 80% disapproval rate for Joe. Besides, he's suing GA so we hate him here!

Dorothy Neluna

It is 80% of the Georgia people that do mot like Biden Stacy Abrams is going to cause more problems remove Abrams from any political forum

Gail Baird

I can't believe there are only 53% dissatisfied people. I bet the poll has to be wrong. I would like to hear what he is doing to satisfy the other percentage of people !


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