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Mississippi State

Former Mississippi State football player Tyler Threadgill dies after battle with COVID-19

Cover picture for the articleSTARKVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) – Leaders with Mississippi State University (MSU) announced former MSU football player Tyler Threadgill passed away after a battle with COVID-19. Threadgill passed away this weekend. During his career with Mississippi State, Threadgill played 18 games. He was a wide receiver and was with the team from...

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Donna Washington Matthews

He must have been vaccinated or they would not have left that fact off. We must mot be so quick to judge when someone dies of COVID19. The jab is not preventing catching or dying from it.


I know of 3 cases were people went to the hospital for covid and even after they were feeling better the hospital would not let them leave and 1 that died just 2 weeks ago the hospital put him on "oxygen" even though he told them he was breathing fine but they put him on it anyway and by the time he was pulled out and moved to a better hospital his body was already to weak and HE ended up dieing because of the hospital. People better wake up not all hospital's are there to help us

Johnny Herring

and did anyone else notice they used his pic from around 2003 not a recent pic because they want it to appear its killing younger people iv noticed they do this alot


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