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Feds force the hand of hospitals rejecting vaccine mandates

Cover picture for the articleThe number of U.S. hospitals requiring COVID-19 vaccination for employees continues to grow through individual organization and state mandates. President Joe Biden unveiled new vaccine mandates Sept. 9 as part of his administration's strategy to combat the pandemic, and organizations that have held off on said they anticipate implementing requirements to comply.

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Matt Nash

The hospital should have a class action suit against Biden for trying to withhold Medicare and medicaid from them if they don't comply.

Robin Grenier

They can't make it without Medicare or medicaid. Doesn't matter some people have terrible reactions or die from the vaccine it's all about the money.

Dieadre Louis

what going to happen when the medical population starts to become sick n possibly die after they've been forced to vaccinate is it like other just another vaccineted dead like their not a part of a family who people love just another vaccinated and he seems midevil and I'm sure this is his only term in this position , if there's anybody left to cast a vote


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