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Exclusive: Video Shows Alleged Mexican Special Forces Busting Cartel Boss Out of Prison

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MEXICO CITY—Numerous surveillance videos leaked to VICE World News show gunmen in Mexican special forces uniforms breaking a cartel boss out of jail just miles from the U.S. border. The shocking footage shows at least four gunmen wearing bulletproof vests with the logo of the Mexican Navy special forces (UNOPES for...

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Timothy Ho

Mexico as we know cartel are fully back by every single corrupt politicians. So the Mexican politicians and president always trying to put a fake show they are controlling the country but just a show nothing else

Kenneth Gianetti

Can someone tell me again how Mexico is not a narco state. Can someone tell me again why we are in trade agreements with a narco state that is flooding our country with narcotics. By that I mean Mexico and China. Can somebody tell me why we as Americans allow big corporations with the blessings of our government ship jobs to a narco state rather then build in America. Wake up America vote out the Rinos and Democrats if you want to try and get your country back. A country that works for you not for them.

dee real

what you people need to realize is that Joe Biden trump,Obama or no other president in the history of this nation or even the world is God. you people really act like this world can be made perfect at the snap of a finger. gtfoh


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