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Drew Brees Has Brutally Honest Admission On Jameis Winston

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It’s safe to say Drew Brees was impressed by Jameis Winston’s 2021 starting quarterback debut with the New Orleans Saints. Winston led the Saints to a blowout win over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. New Orleans crushed Green Bay, 38-3, in a game that was every bit as ugly as the final score would indicate. Winston didn’t throw for a ton of yards, but he piled up five touchdowns in the blowout victory.

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honestly, BREES might have been joking but actually the saints have been missing a strong armed pass down field and jamis has that ability.

23d ago

People got way too excited after the first week. What Brees did so well was consistency. Winston isn’t consistent enough to bring the Saints where they need to be. Does he have talent? Yes he does but with his up and down games, the Saints will only be as good as Winston’s reliability to be a constant on the field. Great team one week, bad the next.

William William
9d ago

lots of injuries for the saint. 2 offensive lineman - field goal kicker-4 staring defensive players. The lost to Giants was on coaching especially attempting a 58.yard field goal. it's not how fast the horse get out the gate ,its the finish that count. Tampa Bay last year is a prime example. Winston didn't have a bad game last week, Coach Peyton make ill advise play calls during the game .


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