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Two departing FDA leaders among scientists who say Covid-19 vaccines do not currently 'show a need for boosting'

Cover picture for the articleThe current evidence on Covid-19 vaccines does not appear to support a need for booster shots in the general public right now, according to an international group of vaccine scientists, including some from the US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. "Current evidence does not, therefore,...

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Kathy Cunningham

now they are back pedaling on the booster...get vax, no mask now they are saying get vax plus wear the mask. first you NEED the booster, now they are saying you don't...I don't trust the scientists when they can't make up there minds on anything.

John DeCorte
28d ago

it is very difficult fir me to actually regard any news as being legitimate when the labeling of the subject in terms of the covid 19 VIRUS is consistently and erroneously referred to as a "disease." no it is not.

Louis Babycos

I'm interested in why they are stepping down from the FDA .


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