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Here is the one pass that proves Trevor Lawrence will be a bust

Cover picture for the articleA couple things happened on Sunday to Jacksonville quarterback (QB) Trevor Lawrence. He experienced his first loss ever and he revealed why he will become a bust. Since before the draft, I have been screaming through the keys on my keyboard, that Lawrence does not have what it takes. I was...

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Cleo Miles

Watching the game yesterday , I don’t think he will be a Bust !!! But his team mates , didn’t play good either !!! They don’t connect , with each other ! Something is wrong about the whole set up with the Jaguars ! The owner of the team Needs to be more involved !!!!!

Derrick Gray

Everyone's on the TL wagon just like Tebow. They were great for their respective colleges but not...not NFL caliber QB....just like Johnny Football. But it ain't my money so good luck with that


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