Michael Jordan On LeBron James Playing In His Era: “Could LeBron Be Successful In Our Era? Yes, Would He Be As Successful? No.”

Cover picture for the articleWhich player is better - Michael Jordan or LeBron James? NBA fans have been debating about this for a long time. MJ dominated the league during the 90s and contributed to the popularity of the league like no other. Despite being retired from the league for almost two decades, Jordan is...

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LeBron is playing the game according to how the roles are and how the game is played today. Fact is the whole league cries bc everybody is manipulating the rules. He didn't cry like like that when he first came into the league. If everybody is manipulating the rules why shouldn't he? Fact is Jordan don't know and we don't know how successful he could have been. Fact is we don't know what Jordan's success would be in this league. Fact is there are a lot of freak athletes and way better shooters than when Jordan played. Just enjoy both of their greatest and stop putting one down. Jordan always want to compare rings but in that measure he's not number 1, 2, or 3!!!!

James York

LeBron James is not even in the same realm as Michael Jordan, he's a superteamer, no loyalty he jumps around just trying to win championships to try to get to Michael's level

Myself Me

I’ll take MJ’s opinion but Bill Laimber would have put LeBron on his backside and off his game every time they played. Rodman was also a scrapper likely to challenge anyone.


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