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Man Learns His Parents Insult His Kids and Decides to Punish Them Immediately

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It's common to see parents kicking their children out of the house, but have you ever heard of children asking their parents to get out? A Redditor, AITA_kick_father_co, posted that he had to ask his parents to leave the house because they were insulting his children. Did he do the right thing? Let's find out!

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Alrighty then
30d ago

Your house, your rules. I'm sure your hardass dad told you that more than a few times when you were going up. If he has no tact when talking to your kids, don't worry about not having any with him. It's obviously not something he considers important in a conversation.

Peggy Jeffers
29d ago

He had a perfectly good reason for kicking them out. These children did not deserve to be humiliated in their own home, I would have have kicked them out too. No one would talk to my children that way. Good for this dad for putting his children first.

Ron Morgan
28d ago

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