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New York City, NY

Exiled ex-Gov. Cuomo sends Sept. 11 message to campaign donors

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleDisgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent a 9/11 message to his campaign donors Sunday — after missing New York’s annual memorial events for the first time in at least a decade. Cuomo — who resigned from office 19 days ago amid a sex-harassment scandal — wrote in a brief six-line...

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Gordon Williams

Yes and we remember the families that lost their loved ones in nursing homes where you sent covid infected individuals. God rest all the victims of all evil people.

Danielle Lillie

with his version of love who needs hate? He lowers murder from 2 ton1 if you kill a pregnant woman, made the doors to our jails spinners so we can run power off of how fast criminals are let back out. Illegals have more rights that real citizens, even with their guns. Apparently he thought me too meant he was supposed to molest women Oh you did that? Me too!! he killed over 20,000 elderly, refused help that was given and let people die rather than use the help Trump sent, then delayed use of the Vax by two months causing more deaths. yeah. his version of love is deadly


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