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Aaron Rodgers: 'They drafted my replacement so just let him play'

FOX Sports

Cover picture for the articleAaron Rodgers' unhappiness in Green Bay was the major storyline throughout the NFL offseason. It started on the day of the NFL Draft when reports surfaced that Rodgers wished to be traded, kicking off a whirlwind of rumors and drama that continued throughout the summer. But Rodgers says he...

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frankly speaking

AR is such a b*tch! Listen to how soft he sounds! "They drafted my replacement, just let him play!" You soft, moist, tender a$$! EVERYBIDY GETS REPLACED DUMBA$$, IT'S FOOTBALL...YOU DON'T PLAY FOREVER! You wanna make calls FIR THE FUTURE OF THE TEAM...YOU'RE A PLAYER NOT A COACH, NOT AN OWNER! You are better off with a team that has time and money to cater to your sissified a$$ bc no REAL TEAM can afford to make ONE MAN more important than THE WHOLE TEAM. I'm so glad ur not MY QB, I'd be writing my Congressman, States Attny, anybody I thought was over you that could to the owners to get you to STHU! So disappointed in who u turned out to be.


he has such a terrible life. All he gets is paid millions to play a game, nice cars, fancy home, any woman in the world, no ability to act, but still got commercials, and everything he takes for Granted!Come on everyone give him a break!

edmund radziewicz

Hello Aron get a life and growup . You are no longer the wonderboy of old .So they got a replacement for you so what . Did you forget that you were Brett Favre replacement.


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