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Lewis Hamilton inches from tragedy as Max Verstappen’s car LANDS on him in terrifying Italian GP crash

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TITLE CONTENDERS Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen CRASHED out of the Italian Grand Prix after a spectacular Collison at Monza.

Both drivers are believed to be OK after the incident, with Hamilton appearing to avoid serious injury thanks to his car's Halo.
Hamilton and Verstappen collided at the Italian GP Credit: AP
Hamilton appeared to be saved by his car's Halo - a protective shield around his helmet Credit: AFP
Verstappen went over the top of his title rival's car
Both drivers got out of their respective motors after the terrifying crash Credit: Splash

Hamilton, 36, was narrowly leading the race when Verstappen in the Red Bull collided with the Brit's Mercedes.

The seven-time World Champ was coming out of the pits and into the first chicane with Verstappen in pursuit of his F1 title rival.

The Dutch star, 23, didn't back down and hit the curb, flying into Hamilton and ending both of their chances of winning the Italian GP.

Speaking to his team on the radio after the incident, Verstappen said: "That's what happens when you don't give space."

Many critics believe the incident was simply a driving crash and neither Hamilton nor Verstappen were at fault.

Evidence suggests Hamilton's was saved from serious injury by his Halo - a protective titanium ring around his helmet.


The Halo was introduced in 2018 to prevent drivers from being hit by flying debris or suffering a severe head trauma.

Red Bull chief Christian Horner has praised the Halo and is relieved Hamilton hasn't suffered a serious injury at Monza.

He told Sky Sports: "Most important thing today is that the Halo has done it's job because it's an awkward accident, thank God no one was hurt.

"To portion the blame [for the crash] to one side or the other, I think for this particular incident that's very difficult to do."

Hamilton and Verstappen were also reluctant to place too much blame on each other, Although Mercedes chief Toto Wolff called it a 'tactical foul'.

He told Sky Sports: "The stewards will decide who is to blame. In football you would call it a tactical foul. He knew that if Lewis stays ahead, then that is the race win.

"I'm a little bit stiff and sore on my neck because it [Max's tyre] landed on my head but I'll be OK.

"When you look at Turn 4 earlier in the race, [Lewis] backed out of it, but it was clear for Max [before the incident] it would end up in a crash.

"I'm sure the stewards will look at this properly but incidents like this will continue.

"Maybe it will have to be another high speed crash and end up with someone on top of someone's head again [for things to change]."

Daniel Ricciardo went on to win the Italian GP, with his McLaren team-mate Lando Norris just behind him in second.

It was Ricciardo's first victory since his triumph at Monaco three years ago and McLaren's first win in 3,213 DAYS.

Hamilton's Mercedes partner Valtteri Bottas completed the podium, while the Brit's future colleague George Russell finished ninth.

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