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Vitor Belfort ups the stakes, offers $40 million for winner take all fight with Canelo Alvarez

Cover picture for the articleCan we have one night of fighting where Jake and Logan Paul aren’t brought up, please?. Because it certainly didn’t happen on Saturday night during Triller’s Holyfield vs. Belfort event, where both Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva expressed their desire to fight the Paul brothers. And it’s hard to blame them too much: it’s the biggest money fight for the least amount of effort. As Donald Trump told Junior Dos Santos during their Triller play-by-play, “Pick a nice easy celebrity.”

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Sinton Pirate

Thriller stepping on the gas till its empty. They can only list rigged fights for so long. Over the hill matches are only as good as the legacy. Tyson , Jones Jr and Holyfield have stepped up for a bag. Nobody else can generate revenue like these legends.


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