Mike Tyson, are you kidding me? – Someone please help Evander Holyfield

Cover picture for the articleEvander Holyfield agreed to fight Mike Tyson and protested a loss that saw him out-of-depth, delusional and seriously affecting his long-lasting boxing legacy on Saturday night. “The Real Deal” is a huge legend in the sport, but his actions after losing pitifully against Vitor Belfort have no place in...

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when he was punching those pads in thr Video. I though he was just faking us out. Tyson would destroy him. I think Tyson needs to avenge Evander and knock out that juicehead, vitor.

Larry Hodge

Mike Tyson would destroy anyone his age in the ring it's amazing to see how different. the two fighters meaning holy field and Tyson have aged differently Tyson seems to not have lost any quickness from.the 90s and Evander is just Not all there with his movement he is alittle delayed now his heart of a champion could not save him from the vicous shots he took from fighting he is a amazingly graceful and humble man warrior heart of a champion

Robbie Middlebrooks

clearly a I need a pay check move.. Years ago Doctors told him it would not be good if he got in the ring again.. Just sad!!


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