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Sad event shames boxing as aged heavyweight legend falls in seconds

Cover picture for the articleTriller believes they smashed it when it comes to putting on another event that featured an old heavyweight legend in the main event. Sadly, it was far from that. Viewing was car crash TV as David Haye, Tito Ortiz, and Evander Holyfield returned to the ring on a night bereft of...

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Michael Brown

He know dam well he shouldn't been in that ring 60yrs old really he would've had a better chance in a wheelchair maybe he could've ran him over.

Rodney Martin

alot of theses old fighter are they jumping on chance to.make money.they don't care if they loose.and these promoters does not care about they health.All they want to do is make a dallor.

Earl Sabir

His children urged dad not too go back into the ring. Pop's will learn to retire the hard way. He already proved to the world that he was a top contender. Need to quit while still being able to think/do for self. Just like Ali, should have retired earlier and just do cameo appearances.


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