Watch: College Football Kicker Ejected After Opening Kickoff

The Spun
The Spun
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Those watching tonight’s game between USC and Stanford were treated to possibly the quickest ejection in college football history. College football fans know the targeting rule very well. It’s one of the most controversial rules in the sport and often ends...

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Michael MacGonegal

So, a defending player, that means a player trying to prevent an opponent with the ball from scoring, tackles the offense player, the player in possession of the football making football moves, and because the defending player makes a tackle by charging with determination with his body he is no longer qualified to be in this game. The whimpification of Americans is completed.

Rodney Davidson

targeting is Intent.....he hit with his helmet as most do cause ur head is above ur shoulders But he hit in chest/shoulder area but with people moving it went to face mask. That is not true Targeting

tel 1

When you go in for a hit you lower your shoulder those lowering your head. It wasn’t a target thing has the players are moving positions change and sometimes this will happen!


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