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Mum who struggled to conceive for years found out she was pregnant with triplets 4 months after her first baby was born

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A MUM who found out she was pregnant with triplets just four months after giving birth to her "miracle baby" has described parenting as "like a conveyer belt sometimes".

Vickie and Jamie O'Donnell from Abercynon said they had struggled to conceive for years before the birth of their "miracle" son just Phoenix last year.
Vickie never expected that she would eventually be a mother of four Credit: MEDIA WALES

A few months after their little boy's arrival Vickie would find out she was pregnant for a second time.

Little did she know then that it would be with triplets.

Violet, Tarney and Rhubie-Ann's arrival in June this year meant that for just over a month, Vickie and Jamie were parents to four babies under the age of one.


Vickie and Jamie revealed that they had tried to conceive for years before they welcomed Phoenix into the world, with the pair having faced complications due to Vickie having polycystic ovary syndrome.

Thanks to some hormonal help they got pregnant with Phoenix, who Vickie described as her "miracle baby".

Just six months after his arrival on July 23, 2020, the couple were told the amazing news that their unexpected pregnancy was in fact triplets.

Vickie told Wales Online that at first she was told she would be having twins but Vickie knew she was pregnant with a third.

The mother told the sonographer to look again and, sure enough, she was pregnant with triplets.

Vickie opened up about the difficulties of raising four little ones under the same roof.

"I would say the hardest part is when all four of them want feeding at the same time," she said.

"So if the three babies are unsettled and want a feed, and Phoenix wants his dinner, that is definitely challenging.

"And I don't like to hear them crying, that makes me worked up then, that can be quite challenging, but I am never on my own. I am always with my mam or if she has popped out she is always close by. We live with my mam and my dad, they are our super heroes."

While it may sometimes be hard, she said she wouldn't change it for the world.
Vickie and Jamie O'Donnell said they had struggled to conceive for years Credit: MEDIA WALES
Violet, Tarney and Rhubie-Ann's were born in June this year Credit: MEDIA WALES
Vickie gave birth to her "miracle" son Phoenix last year Credit: MEDIA WALES

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ruth randolph

Troll has the wrong outlook. Any woman that has ever gotten stretches, they takes some time to get used to. I know from the second I got to hold this beautiful little person, blesses to have healthy babies, and a chance to watch them grow 💕 those natural marks are beauty marks made by growing another wonderful person that you couldn't imagine life without ❤ I know you may think that your body is ruined, your young and your body a nd skin is healthy. Those love marks start to fade. I wish you all the luck, love, and compassion ❤ in the world.


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