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"Those 45,000 deaths in 3 days that were covered up" — No evidence was found that thousands of people died from Covid-19 vaccine

USA Today

Cover picture for the articleThe claim: Almost 45,000 people who got the COVID-19 vaccinations died in 72 hours. As America’s vaccination efforts push on, some opponents continue to spread unsubstantiated stories of vaccine dangers. Recent confusion has been fueled by claims made in a discredited lawsuit. On July 19, attorney Thomas Renz filed a...

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Arlita Aar

Does anyone Really think that the government, CDC or Dr's would admit to that when out TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT is t4yi to FORCE THIS POISON ONTO PEOPLE?!?!? So there's Never Going to Be Any Honest reporting from anyone!!! Except Biden has EXEMPT all of his staff,? Employers, & sitting Government OFFICIALS from the VACCINE MANDATE!!! Now WHY DON'T THEY HAVE TO TAKE THE VACCINES IF EVERYONE ELSE HAS TOO

Robert Hardison

Have to ask why vaccines are being mandated for a virus that has a 99% survival rate and, why Health Care Workers who worked and lived since being on the front lines are being fired for not getting the jabs now … when we already had a Health Care worker shortage prior to the pandemic and hospitals are supposedly full. It makes no sense !! And then to discredit medications that actually help fight covid, when cases are skyrocketing. This is an outrage !!

Daniela Meli-Gesell

Vaccines are dangerous. There is not one vaccine that doesn’t have an adverse reaction listed on the insert. Even SIDS and death is listed on the inserts of vaccines. People wake up. Vaccines are not safe and effective. ESP the Covid vaccines


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