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How Yankees reacted to Gary Sanchez’s tone-setting, epic foolishness
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NEW YORK — The Mets television broadcasters were hammering Gary Sanchez on air Friday night, and the Yankees catcher definitely deserved every bit of the first inning verbal abuse. His decision to just stand there at the plate after catching left fielder Joey Gallo’s perfect throw and let baserunner...

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A team wins 13 in a row and then looses 11 out of the next 13 is in total Collapse. Yes the pitching staff fell apart with injuries, but the other 2 parts ( offense, defense) followed suit . As Yogi said “ it’s getting late early “ sorry to say Heads are going to roll when this is over …. And its getting thier soon. Disappointing to say the least . The 5 year rebuilding plan going on 13 years now . Those baby Bombers not working out as planned.


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