God’s Glory and God’s Grace

Lockhaven Express

Cover picture for the articleRecently we bid farewell to a long time member of our church as he came to the end of his journey and God called him home. This dear brother had survived a number of things, including Covid, only to suffer in the final leg of his journey from another ailment. I...

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Prince of Peace ✝️

👉Persevering in Hope (Promised Rewards) Prayer🙏Bountiful Father, You are a Just God, fair in Your dealings and gracious to those who obey You and live to honor You. You remind us time and again that life will not always be comfortable or easy, and You lovingly warn us to be watchful of obstacles and anticipate hardships. But You also assured us of Your constant presence, Your faithful support and Your gracious rewards. Help us to persevere, knowing Your Word is true and Your rewards are certain, here now and in the life hereafter. Amen☝️👑✝️🤗


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