Chicago takes out Dallas Morning News ad to bait businesses after new Texas abortion, voting laws

Dallas News

Cover picture for the articleChicago is taking aim at Texas’ new social policies with a full-page ad in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News, urging companies uncomfortable with the state’s recently enacted abortion and voting laws to head to the windy city. World Business Chicago, the city’s public-private economic development arm, purchased the print ad,...

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Wanna get shot? Think Lori Lightfoot should run for congress? Do you thrive on the excitement of living in the most dangerous city in the country? well Chicago is for you! lol

Terry Buckingham

sad to bring this part of it up but at least we don't shoot kids in Texas over 300 children have been shot in Chicago so far this year several have died there's an average of five killings per day in Chicago most of them Gang Related and for no reason other than greed so yeah any Texas companies that decide that they do not like the values here feel free to move north but I don't think you're going to like it and the only Plus to having to wear a mask in Chicago is when you look at Lori Lightfoot you only see half of the face they need to include sunglasses as a requirement but wait a minute I'm getting off track here yeah if you want to go north to Chicago feel free but remember you do not have the right to carry your weapon there only the crooks do

Am Me

Y'all shut up, poleeezzzzzzzzze!!!!!!!!!! Folks Chicago is a Grand Oasis of of Liberal Love, a place that all Liberals can live in their own lil Eden. If not there, California has several fine cities also.


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