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Larry Fleet Drops Another Single, “Lifetime Guarantee,” From Upcoming Album

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff


It’s Friday, the best time of the week.

The work week is almost over, the weather is finally starting to cool down a bit, and we’re all ready to pound some beers and cheer on our favorite football teams this weekend.

Not to mention, Friday means new country music.

And this week?

Larry Fleet dropped another single from his upcoming album, Stack of Records.

He released the title track last Friday, while also dropping the track-list to the new album that’s slated for September 24th.

It’s been an answered prayer, as we all kind of wondered what Fleet has been up to since he dropped his moving song, “Where I Find God” last year.

Turns out, he’s been grinding his ass off in the recording studio, and he gives us yet another taste of the new project with his new single, “Lifetime Guarantee.”

It’s apparent that Fleet is giving us a glimpse on who he is as a person, as his last single, “Stack of Records,” gave us insight on the music that made him who he is today. While “Lifetime Guarantee” describes his personality, which is slow, steady, and always reliable, as he describes as an “old John Deere.”

September 24th, please get here soon.

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