US Open prize money: How much did Emma Raducanu earn after historic win?

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Emma Raducanu ’s stunning run on her first appearance at the US Open finished in glorious fashion as she became Britain’s first female singles Grand Slam champion for 44 years, beating Leylah Fernandez 6-4 6-3 in the final.

Raducanu is also the youngest Grand Slam finalist since Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon in 2004 and the first British woman to reach that height since Virginia Wade won that same tournament in 1977.

The British teenager will earn a life-changing sum of money after winning the tournament. Here’s everything you need to know about the prize money.

What is the total prize pot for the 2021 US Open?

The total prize money available for the whole of the 2021 US Open is a record £41.5m, which represents an increase of £216,000 on 2019, the last time the tournament was held in front of a full crowd of spectators.

The 2020 event saw prize money decreased to £38.5m.

How much do the men’s and women’s single winners earn?

For 2021 the winners of both the men’s and women’s singles tournaments will win £1.8m each.

That is £360,000 less than in 2020, with the US Open having decided to reallocate funds so that the winners receive a smaller proportion of the total prize pot than in previous years, while those who exit in the earlier rounds will take home a larger purse. The decision was taken in conjunction with the players themselves.

US Open tournament director Stacey Allaster said. “We determined our round-by-round prize money allocations by engaging in an open dialogue with the players and the management of both tours. We applaud their collective leadership in directing the 2021 US Open prize money to benefit the maximum number of players.”

Prize money breakdown for each round

The prize money is the men’s and women’s singles is allocated as follows (rounded to the nearest thousand):

Winner - £1.8m

Runner-up - £900,000

Semi-finalist - £487,000

Quarter-finalist - £306,000

Round-of-16 - £191,000

Round 3 - £130,000

Round 2 - £83,000

Round 1 - £54,000

How does the prize money compare with Wimbledon and the other Grand Slams?

Australian Open

Total prize money: £45m

Winners: £1.5m


Total prize money: £35m

Winners: £2.3m

Roland Garros:

Total prize money: £30m

Winners: £1.2m

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