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Physicists Say That a Fifth Dimension Could Be on the Horizon

Interesting Engineering
Interesting Engineering
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Scientists often get asked if they do new experiments in the lab or keep repeating older ones that they know the results for sure. While most scientists do the former, the progress of science also depends on doing the latter and confirming if what we believe we know holds true in light of the new information as well.

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Kehepa OBrien

there's always been the fifth dimension. and there's always been antimatter. and micro atomic particles so small that we haven't yet been able to see them. and things much tinier than an atom could actually be alive. and this entire universe of galaxies is most likely a tiny particle of an atom so large it's beyond our comprehension.

Jeff Head

I think that there are other dementions that is where most of the advance flying craft come from and that's how they can appear and disappear so rapidly

Cyndi Harrington

5th Dimension isn't dark matter..It's a Higher Vibration not a lower one.....Creation and Life are like an Dimension within the next...just have to raise the vibration Harmonic an octave or Two just like in Musical Harmonics.


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