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Joe Biden Won't Be Able To Finish Presidential Term as More Americans Turn Against the President, International Expert Claims

Cover picture for the articlePresident Joe Biden won't get to the completion of his presidential term, according to renowned international professor Joe Siracusa, who cautioned the 78-year-old leader that the job "ages people." Professor Joseph Siracusa, a political scientist, warned that the position of president "ages people," noting that many presidents appear healthier...

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Frank viton

President Trump called 9 months ago he says that we needed to vote for him because there's going to be a lot of problems if you have President Biden as president well I guess he was right

What d'yaKnow

As more people learn that the Afghanistan crisis was created on purpose, this will spell the demise of this regime, including Harris, "the last voice in the room." 1. Mislead public about Taliban advances & encourage Ghani to do the same. 2. Withdraw US troops before US citizens and allies. 3. Deny air support. 4. Abandon Bagram, notifying Taliban but without notifying Afghan leaders. 5. Leave $80+ billion in weapons knowing Taliban were in position to seize them. 6. Destroy large ammunition cache that could have been used by Resistance/allies, who are now facing certain annihilation in Panjshir. 7. Fund Taliban via payments to Pakistan, who ally with Taliban. 9. Deny landing authorizations to private charters attempting to rescue US citizens and allies. 10 (soon) Pay ransoms to continue funding Taliban under false narrative of "saving American citizens." Effects: Reduce US influence in world affairs. Allow China & Russia to increase influence in world affairs.

Pat Woods

It's does not surprise me what so ever. The people who voted for him knew nothing about what he stood for. Now that he is in office they do not like him. Wait it's not over yet. This is only the beginning. This is what they get for not knowing what they are doing. We are just starting to feel a little of his impact wait until next year when there are more homeless and no jobs and the cost of food is out of control and fuel cost hits an all time high. All those billions of dollars that was scammed from those fake unemployment claims are spent. Who are they going to blame? I bet it will be Trump! The only ones I will feel sorry for are the only people who really needed the help and did not get anything was the Seniors, Disabled and the Veterans. The Seniors and Disabled will continue to live below poverty. To the rest of the people Good Luck and enjoy your life because it will not be for long.


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