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Jennifer Aniston Interview Turns Awkward When TV Host Implies Actress Isn’t a ‘Morning Person’

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Whether she's a "morning person" or not, Jennifer Aniston recently tried her best to navigate an awkward situation with a television host. On Wednesday (Sept. 8), Aniston and her The Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon appeared on The One Show to promote Season 2 of the Apple TV+ series. “I...

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Mark Gerrard

OMG Jen was called " not a morning person" Man it's time for us all to jump off a bridge after setting ourselves on fire and scream " I'm so sorry Jennifer"! on the way down. I mean WTF? Ain't she the gal who's resume is being married to that Brad Pit or something? I don't think she's ever made any movies past B grade as far as I can tell. Geesh...

Debra Love

This country is going down the crapper.The media has nose dived straight in and they think it's ok to lie, mislead, hyper sensitize, create drama and disrespect everyone. We need to get community collectiveness and normal decency and respect back all around.We are imploding from the gross anti respect collective! Wake up people. We are a country not a collection of ITS ALL ABOUT ME islands!


Oh is Jennifer Anniston trying to be relevant again? Maybe she shouldn’t have unfriend her unvaccinated friends?? What a loser.


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