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Why are Covid cases so high when millions are fully vaccinated? Blame the delta variant, experts say


Cover picture for the articleThe number of Covid cases being recorded daily in the West remains high, and even resembles earlier peaks at different points, or Covid waves, during the pandemic. The high numbers of cases remains attributable to the spread of the highly infectious delta variant, which usurped previous variants that themselves were more infectious than the original strain of Covid-19.

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Rick Reynolds

why does the state with the highest vax rate, ca 53%, and the state with the lowest vax rate miss 38%  have the same rate of infection. 80 in 100,000. because the vaccine does not work

Lady Serene

wait a minute....didn't we get told that the vaccines where effective towards the variants and now that the lie is exposed we have to change what wa said. Come one people wake up


A virus will mutate. It is basically alive and growing and wants to survive. So when it encounters medicine/vaccine it will adept to it, grow and mutate to survive. That is why we have so many variants and will continue to have them…it’s not because people are refusing to get vaccinated like they want you to believe. Besides this vaccine is not a true vaccine by definition. It is an experimental medication to pretty much lesson symptoms. It’s not going to prevent you from getting Covid, it’s not going to prevent you from spreading Covid either.


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