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Future Of NBA Arenas? Check Out What Just Got Added To The Phoenix Suns' Arena


Sports gambling has become more and more prevalent in today's society.

For most of the NBA's history, sports gambling was something that was in the dark, and was not talked about the way it is today.

However, in 2018, when the Federal ban on sports gambling was lifted, sports leagues could start to be involved with gambling.

People were always gambling on sports, but it was either done on offshore websites, in Las Vegas, Nevada, or illegally.

Now, many states allow legal sports gambling.

More about the ban being lifted in 2018 and the matter as whole can be read in this 2019 article from Business Insider.

On Thursday, news came down that the Phoenix Suns will now have a FanDuel Sportsbook lounge in the Footprint Center (via Front Office Sports).

The Tweet with all the info on the new lounge can be seen in a post that is embedded below from Front Office Sports.

The lounge will have 40 TV's, five betting windows and 26 kiosks.

According to Front Office Sports, this will be the, "first sports book of its kind inside an NBA arena."

The news of the FanDuel Sportsbook in the Suns' arena shows just how far the acceptance of sports gambling has become.

Just ten years ago not many would have thought that during the 2021-22 NBA season fans would be able to gamble on the NBA (legally) from inside of an NBA arena.

Now the question becomes, will this be the first of many?

Will every NBA arena within a legal gambling state add this to their arena?

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