Floyd Mayweather’s next fight: Everything you need to know

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Who will Floyd Mayweather’s next fight be against?
Jun 6, 2021; Miami, Florida, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks to the media after his fight against Logan Paul (not pictured) at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Following his exhibition bout against Logan Paul in June, Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent is still up for debate.

Three men that could bank a fight with “Money”: When pondering the likeliest options for Mayweather’s next matchup, the most-sensible choices are Canelo Alvarez , former UFC champions Conor McGregor , and Manny Pacquiao .

  • “Money” beat a much younger version of Alvarez eight years ago. Although he protects his unbeaten record, if there was one thing that would make him risk it, it would be a record breaking payday to fight the biggest name in the sport, and making a run at the all-time PPV buys record against the Mexican superstar.
  • The 2017 boxing scrap between Mayweather and McGregor is the second highest-earning combat sports pay-per-view in history. With the Irishman’s MMA stock at a low, jumping back into boxing seems as possible as ever.
  • Although Pacquiao has formally retired and plans to run for the presidency of the Phillippines in 2022, no legendary fighter stays retired for long. If the “Pacman” doesn’t become president, an often rumored rematch with Mayweather would make sense for both fighting greybeards down the road.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul recap

In August 2020, Showtime once again dipped their toe into the Mayweather pay-per-view business, and again they came out with bags of cash.

Mayweather + Paul = Millions of Dollars: Hate it or love it, the boxing industry has done very well for itself since the arrival of Jake and Logan Paul. The actors and massive YouTube stars have banked big bucks for their exhibition and professional bouts. Adding Mayweather to the mix only multiplied the earnings potential when he was matched up in an exhibition bout with Logan in Florida in June.

  • Over eight three-minute rounds of action, the world was shown the difference between a boxing legend at 44, and a borderline amateur — albeit an athletic one — at 26. Although Paul used his massive size advantage to have a couple of noteworthy moments, Mayweather still outboxed the social media influencer for 24 minutes. Showing this aged pugilistic dog hasn’t lost his tricks just yet.
  • Since the fight was an exhibition there was no official winner, however, the fighters and promoters were still victorious when it came to revenue generated from the fight. The event reportedly earned over a millions buys on Showtime pay-per-view , to the tune of US $50 million. “Money” himself scored a base salary of US $10 million and also reportedly took home 50% of the PPV revenue .
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What makes Floyd Mayweather so popular?

There is no doubt Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers to ever compete in the sport. Yet what makes him a one of a kind was that his mix of skill and brash bravado was able to transcend the industry. He is the type of talent that combat sports fans have long been willing to pay big money to see win, or hopefully lose.

The greatest villain in combat sports: Although Mayweather was a hero to some, relishing his role as a villain to all was what truly made him a box office megastar. And his ability to back up all his talk only heightened his appeal.

  • Mayweather racked up a 50-0 record and titles in multiple divisions during his run in the sport. Loudly trash-talking his way through wins over legends like Oscar De La Hoya , Pacquiao, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez , and Miguel Cotto.

The bad side of the legacy: Mayweather has also spent a good bit of time in courtrooms during his life.

Floyd Mayweather’s net worth

Money is often one of the greatest measuring sticks for a fighter’s success. As of 2021, Mayweather’s net worth is reportedly US $450 million . However, the boxing star claims it is closer to $1.2 billion . Also Read:
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