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If You're Unvaccinated, the White House Has a New Warning for You

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Even in the face of the Delta variant, a growing body of evidence shows that being vaccinated is an effective way to protect yourself from COVID-19—especially in preventing death or hospitalization from the disease. Recently, full approval of the Pfizer vaccine from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) led to...

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Johnny Buxton

Let me give you a new warning this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not communist Russia you DO NOT tell the American people what to do WE THE PEOPLE tell the government what to do and if the government thinks differently they best reread the CONSTITUTION because the revolution is coming.

jim cogis

and now it begins the Democrats New world order if you don't obey us you'll be destroyed sounds an awful lot like a tyranny to me rather than a republic


Notice that it says Congressional staffers and federal court employees are not affected by this. Why? Does anyone truly believe anyone in politics actually received the vaccine? Don't be fooled by the government. This is for control and depopulation. Dr's are warning what is going to happen in a few months. Biden and his cronies can stick that vaccine where the sun don't shine!!!


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