North West Exposed Kim Kardashian for Being “Fake" Again

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North West is roasting her mom Kim Kardashian once again for the whole internet to see. Earlier this week, Kim took to Instagram to do a paid promotion for BoxyCharm, a monthly beauty subscription box service, to her followers. But in the background, North and her beloved cousin...

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Ashley Eckhardt

😂😂😂Fake or not I think we all should agree she is raising an empowered young lady. If she is ballsy enough to call out her mom then she at least has a strong opinion and isn't afraid of even telling mom. They may all be fake but there might be hope for the new generation.


I CAN RELATE TO THIS! As fake as kardashian is in other areas, I feel like MOST MOMS have a fake voice!! After I get off the phone with my kids school or my work or something to that effect my sons both look 👀 at me like who are you?!? 😂😂 I’m like what? And they’ve said you sound so different on the phone lol

Crystal Moore

when your young ask you that type of question their not lying 😂. KIDS are very honest. this lady is fake all over from head to toe inside and out.


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