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Shaquille O'Neal Says Damian Lillard Should Leave The Blazers And Join Forces With Another Star: "I Don’t Really Like Guys Teaming Up, But This Is The Way It Is…”

Cover picture for the articleFor years, fans and media members have tried to convince Damian Lillard to leave the Portland Trail Blazers. After years of mediocrity, the franchise has yet to show they can build a title-contending team around Lillard, and most stars would have left long ago. Like James Harden, Kevin Durant, and...

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Lib Smacker

Dame should stick with his integrity and his class. Shaq never had to worry bout such things, cuz he was never the #1 on a winning team. The 4 rings he has were compliments of Kobe and DWade. The guy shot a career .527 from the line. There aren't defenders on the line and you're paid millions to miss free throws? And now you wanna talk about what others should do?Next!


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