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Denver, CO

Denver inmates rescue female deputy from another inmate’s chokehold

Cover picture for the articleDENVER (KDVR) — A Denver sheriff’s deputy jumped by an inmate has other inmates to thank for her rescue. Joseph Maestas has been booked with second-degree assault on a peace officer. According to court documents obtained by the Problem Solvers, 38-year-old Maestas asked the deputy for a handball. When the...

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I'm glad the other inmates assisted and they weren't attacked by others for helping out a guard.

Jim Dustin

God bless the inmate.... shouldn't be women guards... yeah they just Shadow woman deputy here a while back yeah as far as I'm concerned it's a man's job face reality girls it's a man's job get over being big shots... .hell yeah you want to go in the army you want to be a marine good make a battalion out of them all women and say okay and just point the bad guys are right over that Hill go get them girls....when there is a woman amongst the men the man tries to protect the woman because of their femininity they are not men they are women ,,,,get ,,,,,over ,,,,,it

Ryan Sutherland

I am sure they sent the deputy to the hospital too if she needed to go, maybe she refused medical attention. They are legally obligated to maintain the safety of the inmate even if they are perpetrator. I thought everyone knew that


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