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John Roberts Apologizes for Laughing When GOP Rep. Says Biden Admin. Should Own Afghanistan Missteps: ‘I Do Not Expect That Will Happen’

Cover picture for the articleFox News Anchor John Roberts apologized on air to Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) and viewers of America Reports for a poorly timed chuckle. Waltz had expressed his desire for the Biden administration to take accountability on its handling of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The former Green Beret was speaking...

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Duana Tuttle

The US being there in the first place was a "stain". We were there 20 years and that country didn't learn s**t... this is on them, not us! Not Biden and not our Military! Enough already!

Scott Stevens

It was Trump who made the deal with the Taliban. And had 5,000 Taliban prisoners released. He also wanted our troops out by May 1. Trump did this to sabotage Pres. Biden. Trump and Pompeo also have blood on their hands.

Stephen Forsyth

As a dedicated liberal, I'm still... distressed, at intelligence failure to accurately gauge Taliban capabilities, and at resultant near-rout. However, real blame rests with President George W. Bush. The original mission was worthy, and successful. But then he pursued nation-building, in a land obviously not ready for it. Along the way, among other things, he promoted torture--not an American ideal. Biden, Trump, and a majority of Americans were right--time to get out of an untenable situation and save ongoing American casualties. Lousy intelligence just mucked it up.


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