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You’ll Never Believe It, But Garth Brooks Teared Up On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff

Alright Garth, I think it’s time you start carrying a box of tissues around with you everywhere you go.

After watching the Garth Brooks documentary on Netflix, and seeing him tear up approximately 47 times, not to mention every other time the cameras are on him, I have seen enough.

And now, we can continue the trend of the country singer crying in front of the camera.

The Kelly Clarkson Show just released a video from Clarkson’s holiday special, and it featured an interview with Brooks.

Let me go ahead and tell you, the man goes full dad mode. The cringy “dad fist pumps,” the dad jokes, the whole nine yards.

However, that’s not the peak of the video.

Midway through the clip, he begins to talk about “techy stuff,” including Zoom calls.

Clarkson then asks him if he knows how to work any “techy stuff,” and somehow, he proceeds to change the subject to this…

He says:

“No! But I do know how to look in there and go, ‘I see those faces, I see those faces at every live show,’ you know and you can see it right there (as he points at the people watching from Zoom), you can see the depth in ’em, you can see their heart and soul.”

When you watch the video, it’s like Garth is put into a trance and starts to tear up. Not gonna lie, it feels like an actor getting into character.

Interesting guy, you are, Garth… interesting guy.

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Garth Brooks is either 1) in a depression, or 2) beginning stages of dementia,Alzheimer's?! just a thought. he cries at the drop of a hat and that's a good sign of those 2 sicknesses.


to HAVE a heart and be white... no wonder you ppl are putting him down... not in your culture to have emotions??? i love Garth especially since he went to The President Inauguration... truly human. not many white ppl like this are out there....

Harriet L

you want something to cry about come to Louisiana


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