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Report: Ben Simmons wanted Doc Rivers to apologize

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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The tension between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers appeared to reach a point of no return immediately after the team was eliminated from the playoffs. Doc Rivers contributed to that, and it sounds like Simmons may have expected the coach to face internal consequences. After the Sixers lost Game...

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Erick Holly

Ben needs to put his big boy pants on and jus play ball. The team didn't abandon you, you abandoned your team. Doc didn't say anything out of line but he did speak the truth. Why do you feel so entitled that you think someone should lie to protect your feelings??? Grow Up!!!

Rodger Hilliard

At this point who cares what Ben Simmons wants? Yes the Sixers own a small part of this mess, but the majority of blame is all on Ben and his refusal or inability to "grow" into the player he seemingly should be.


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