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Fans Slam Erika Jayne For Rocking $700 Christian Louboutin Heels On Instagram

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When Erika Jayne ended her marriage to Tom Girardi , she also needed to reconsider her relationship with money.  The Girardi fortune stayed with Tom, and the legal savant has safeguarded his wealth.  Erika, to this point, has not received a penny from her former spouse.  She downsized her life.  A smaller house, less glam, and no chauffeurs.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star may have walked out the door with some of the goodies she accumulated over the years, but she still is associated with a man who allegedly embezzled money from accident victims.  An additional $25 million is said to have been funneled into her company from the Girardi law firm. Erika may potentially be forced to pay that money back with interest.

Erika really has to reconsider how she deals with money.  Not just spending it, but optics of how she presents herself.  So when the self-proclaimed Ice Queen posted a photo on Instagram wearing a pair of designer shoes, the public reacted very negatively.  It was easy to zero in on the Louboutin’s because Erika was wearing little else than a blue bodysuit with her backside to the camera.

Comments poured in calling Erika out for her lack of sensitivity.  “Is that to the widows or the orphans?” one wrote.  Another said, “you need to sell those shoes and give the money back.”  A third called for the shoes to be donated to a reimbursement fund.  “Add that to the auction to pay back the victims you stole from,” was posted.

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On a recent episode of RHOBH , Erika had a meltdown and bemoaned her situation.  “ Look at my life ,” Erika said as a lone tear trickled down her cheek.  A few comments alluded to the situation.  One said, “look at my life! Right?”  A second post read, “look at my f**cking life.”

“Disappointing! I find your post so disrespectful to the victims,” another post said, “you’re rubbing your ‘expensive to be me’ lifestyle in their faces.”  Of course, it’s worth noting that Erika only spoke of her issues on the show and never compassion for the victims.  A follower called her out on that, “girl, it’s okay to reminisce and defend yourself.  The thing is that you lack empathy for the victims.  That’s what people are upset about.  I think that flashing your wealth and assets at this time is kind of a double-edge sword.”

What about the $25 million Erika allegedly spent on her entertainment career? Amex cards and glam squad included.  One post referenced the allegations that Erika knew that she was spending from ill-gotten gains.  “This just gross at this point,” the follower opined, “there are REAL VICTIMS whose money YOU SPENT so instead of this whole ‘poor me’ storyline you’re trying to pull why don’t you sit back and have some real compassion for the burn victims, plane crash victims, widowers, etc.”  And, in a much more pithy manner, another wrote, “shameless!  Louboutins from stolen money.”

Regardless of the outcome of all the legal issues , it’s clear that the public expect Erika to be more aware and respectful of the situation.  Actually that’s exactly what RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais thought.  Let’s sum this “Pretty Mess” up with a final comment, “TONE DEAFFFFFFFF.”  Well said.

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