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Birmingham, AL

What we need to know about the Mu variant

Cover picture for the articleBIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Health officials are closely monitoring a new COVID-19 variant called “Mu.”. The World Health Organization said it could have the ability to evade the immunity people get from vaccines. Epidemiologists said the Mu variant, which was first discovered in Columbia back in January, has now been...

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Rocky Rhode

There is also a new variant virus that just emerged. It is very similar to the Mu variant, but it only affects Dr. Fauci. It's called the FU variant.

Tish Marks

I honestly can't believe what the world is coming to today. Now we got the Mu, just to push a solution to get injected in your body. Come on people wake up if this doesn't sound like chemical warfare to me. A natural sickness doesn't even operate like this. Stock up on seeds, bullets and water and run for the hills cause next they sending in soldiers to force us to get the solution.

Cherokee Dragonfly

If anyone studies history, they'll learn that vaccines saved no one, EVER. Healthy habits did, i.e. soap & water, healty eating, sewer systems. The vax CAUSES mutations because vaccines give ZERO immunity.


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