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Georgia pastor embraces ‘faith over fear’ after COVID battle

Cover picture for the articleDUBLIN, Ga. (BP) – After an intense battle with COVID-19 and pneumonia for multiple weeks, Georgia pastor Samuel Rogers rejoices that he has “seen the goodness and kindness of God like I never have before.”. Rogers is the lead pastor at Cross Point Community Church in Dublin, Ga., and first...

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Rough Beast

Perhaps he should be as humbly grateful to the medical professionals without whose God given abilities, talents and compassion would make him just another statistic.

Patricia Johnson

who is jubs, and thanks to the medical staff because they work for God almighty because without him they couldn't have done it, because god says if you take one step he will take two because man can't do anything without God and you better believe it who ever you are 🙏💯😷😷😷

Jim Phillips

I have a disease that is crippling me! I thank god every day I can get up and move. I give thanks to god every day, I pray that god helps everyone not just me. I still believe that god created the science to help man. Why wont others do so??


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