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'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Push Back Against Tyra Banks as Host, Call for Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews' Return


Cover picture for the articleAs ABC prepares to kick off a new season of Dancing With the Stars, Tyra Banks is prepping to return to the beloved dancing competition as host, much to the upset of some viewers. Although Banks, who took over hosting duties in Season 29 as the network opted to "embark on...

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Sharon Disney

I have loved and watched about every episode of Dancing with the Stars. but since Tyra Banks has moved in I have watched only 2 episodes. As long as Trya Banks is Hosting I'm done as is the hundreds or more here on the Eastern Shore. We will not be watching another EPISODE. Tyra needs to stay in what she does best. Modeling not Hosting a Show as Dancing with the Stars. Tyra is making Dancing with the Stars (HER SHOW). WE are done until Tyra is removed. look at her, there is no personality, she cares nothing about the dancers but wants ALL EYES ON HER. The Show is now a big joke. Wake up Producers see the rates you get from viewers. Viewers? WOW their all gone and me for one..

Brenda O'Kelley

I have not watched since it became the Tyra show NJ and will NOT be watching until she is gone. I loved watching that show it fun elegant and it was about the dancing not the host..BAD CHOICE HAVING TYRA

Lisa Stromberg

i had to record and fast forward thru her portions. She tries to make the show all about her! Tom Bergeron did a great job, he was a much loved host, why would you ruin a great show??


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