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‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne To Target Kyle Richards In Reunion Showdown

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans can expect an explosive Season 11 reunion. There will be a lot of confrontation between the wives and, Erika Jayne is out for blood. Erika is a hot mess this season. She is facing legal troubles, a messy divorce, and some backstabbing friends. There will...

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Lucy Arrambide

Ericka needs to apologize for her husband for the scam she ( until proven otherwise) pulled on those victims. Then she needs to go away quietly.

Mary Frances Laufer

what does she expect? She lied all along? Her starting a whole argument with Kyle or anyone else is just her trying to pull attention away from herself. She was in on it with her husband putting money into her companies. Lisa Rinnas and any of her small businesses she could Erika 21 mill? Cmon? So to blame the women for questioning your honesty with them you have nerve girl. And I'm not a fan of Kyle's anymore and for her to say oh erika I'm sorry and not stand up for her every right to question Erika just shows how she suks too.

Margaret Croyle

they deserve each other. both selfish rich girls. Kyle always in everyone's business. the pot stirrer who thinks she knows it all. h e r own marriage isn't so perfect


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