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This is why teams are not interested in Cam Newton

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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Much has been made of Cam Newton’s release by the New England Patriots, and the lack of interest from other teams in light of that. In reality, it sounds like the biggest factor is simply that Newton isn’t the player he once was in the eyes of NFL teams. According...

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American Kdh

I legitimately like Cam as a person, I have watched him at his best, and unfortunately, it looks like being a running QB has seriously damaged his goods, I hate that the NFL teams are encouraging this type of player, it cuts their productive years dramatically, Michael Vick, RGB are similar cases. If you are fortunate to get a high quality QB you should want them to last as long as possible and not want them running unless absolute last resort. Most QBs don't elevate to a Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, or other Great QBs out there, most are cycled out in short order because they simply can not rise to the play level needed to be elite. If the QBs are not running and taking huge hits and injuries, then they can definitely play to age 40+, the runners lose a lot of years my guess 8-10 years. I just don't see the immediate gratification is worth the loss of the years, especially given most are a bust or mediocre at best. just my thoughts.

Jorge Torres

I am a big football fan who watches many games during the season and off season. cam Newton has declined tremendously as an NFL quarterback. The multitude of injuries he has suffered in the last 4 years have taken its toll on his body effecting his everyday play . and yes his passing ability has declined. He is and was a great player but his skills for the NFL have declined .

Jason Friday

speaking on the positive side unlike the other 2 Cam has never been a pocket QB its not part of his game.That goes back to Auburn.If he is healthy and you put him behind a line that can block he is one of the best out there


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