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Sarah Harding Dead at 39, Mom Shared Devastating Cause of Death of 'Girls Aloud' Singer

Cover picture for the articleSarah Harding has passed away. The 'Girl Aloud' singer was just 39. Her mom herself confirmed the tragedy on an emotional Instagram post. According to her mom, Harding had battled bravely her breast cancer. She ultimately lost but she can praised for keeping her diagnosis a secret so that others would...

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Kym Ziegler

Ladies, please do monthly breast exams at home. Familiarize yourself with how your breast tissue feels. Any changes, see your doctor. I found both of my breast lumps over the years. Mammograms save lives also.

Rebel Rouser.

Sorry to read this, She was young, And she was a very Brave Lady. Prayers and support for the family and loved ones. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Melanie Kaufman

I just lost my step father of 25 years,to 2 forms of cancer 2 weeks ago.Cancer is the true scourge of the world.They will find a cure,for covid and west nile.They did for aids polio etc.But cancer has been,around probably since cave man times.Cymo is a horrible painfull terrible treatment he stopped he couldn't stand it.His froend is doing radiation for testicular cancer, he has burn from it.One thing she wanted,it keeped quite,so her mom goes to the press?Not a careing thing to do.RIP


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