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Top US General says 'civil war' likely to break out

Cover picture for the articleBerlin [Germany], September 5 (ANI): Top US General Mark Milley on Saturday (local time) said he believed it was likely that conditions for a future "civil war" could develop in Afghanistan following the US troops' withdrawal. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley told Fox News during...

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Rich Monson

Seriously look in our own back yard folks.Either we demand and sign petition for Convention of States, or a short but bloody civil war to entirely drain the swamp sadly is building and is in the making. Take back power and control for We The People and sign the Convention of States!Avoid own civil war.Did you see all the full college stadiums this week, that's reality!

James DeVries

Whatever happens in the next few years, whether a civil war or something else, this administration will use extreme measures to crush it. The brain addled, Alzheimer's afflicted Sleazy stumblin'Joe, Golf ball eyes Pelosi and the Schmuckster Majority leader are all determined to continue their march to the total control and forced upon Socialism. Notice their double standard over the protests at the Capital on January 6th and the months o

Ronald Brown

There is only one way to deal with cockroaches if it not done soon we will all. be defending our HOMELAND .how many cockroaches are already been flown over here to give help to the breeding problem remember how they did on 911. JUST USE YOUR COMMON SINCE 4 ONCE


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