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Lou Williams Reveals How Kawhi Leonard Practices


While Lou Williams may no longer be with the LA Clippers, he still speaks highly of the team's best player. On a recent podcast episode, Lou Williams spoke about Kawhi Leonard's work ethic when asked about the differences between the superstars he has played alongside in his career.

After speaking about Allen Iverson, James Harden, and Kobe Bryant, Lou revealed that Kawhi Leonard arrives to practice an hour and a half early, and stays an hour and a half late. Lou stated that Kawhi simply operates at a slower speed, which means it takes him longer to get his work done; however, he is indeed a worker. While Kawhi's practice tendencies are different from the other stars Lou has played with, he made sure to emphasize that Kawhi is "definitely a worker."

Lou's insight into Kawhi Leonard's practice tendencies comes just days after Kyle Lowry revealed some of Kawhi's on-court tendencies. While Williams and Lowry played with Kawhi on different teams, both speak highly of his work ethic and will to win. Their testimonies are consistent with the many stories about Kawhi that have become public throughout his career.

Kawhi Leonard's approach to the game has helped him accumulate 7 All-Defense awards, 5 All-NBA awards, 5 All-Star selections, 2 championships, 2 Finals MVP awards, 2 DPOY awards, and 1 ASG MVP. It can be argued that while Kawhi has one of the most decorated resumes amongst active players, he was actually playing the best basketball of his career in the 2021 playoffs before going down with injury.

As Lou Williams recently affirmed, fans can rest assured that Kawhi's work ethic will optimize his ability to return to peak form after ACL reconstruction surgery.

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